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Healing Twin Flame Separation

Updated: May 5, 2023

As I look back on what it always was separating my Twin Flame and I , I see that it was about feeling safe here (on Earth) to be Divine and express that love physically. It felt like something we always needed to hide because it was so rare based on what we had seen around us. We just wanted to feel safe in what we both knew we share, eternal love. She is my perfect mirror and I hid from that because I chose fear of the ego and the way “the world” works and settles in separation from the truth. Her and I don’t really have relationships with our family and she turned back to her “safe” marriage for financial support and “protection” of her children as well as a deep abandonment fear based on not growing up with a father and a stable home at all that was very abusive to say the least. It was so painful at the time to endure and almost watch upsets play out like a movie, knowing what we have is so real. In separation I’ve had the time to be with myself and really get through to me on my biggest fears around safety in who I am. I would try to prove to myself I was enlightened or further ahead to avoid how I really felt about myself in the core of my being, which was really lame. I’m learning how safe I am to go for what I want and to see myself as God does.

Last week, my Twin Flame chose to leave the 14 year marriage that was such a core block in our Union and I feel so much deep peace and relief and look forward to what’s next and how God brings this all together.

Over the past week, I feel so much more freedom to create and manifest more and more of my desires and live my life purpose in partnering with TFU as an Ascension Coach and so many other ways that continue to arise. ( Soccer / Football is one of them) I am currently in the works to begin my own club team that will some day be a big name in this world. I also coach high school soccer and those players are going to be insanely good because I’m ready to support them perfectly this coming Fall.

I almost can’t believe how far I’ve come and how real this all is. I’m surrendering the feeling of self sabotage and feeling I’m doing something wrong for standing my ground in who I really am. I can only be me and I can’t help if I’m liked or loved I can only choose to be that light for God and that’s what I now choose.

This teaching at Twin Flames Universe is the core support of the miracle that my life is. This teaching will set you free. Join the classes and dive in to the work.

It’s unreal what you have found here. Don’t let it pass you by.

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