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Does Your Twin Flame Heal With You?


You and your Twin Flame share the same consciousness and make the same core choices. So, when you start your inner healing, your Twin Flame will mirror that and begin to heal in their own way. So it is almost immediately that when you choose to go all in on healing separation, they do so, as well. So no need to worry! It will NEVER be that you start the inner healing and they do not start their own inner healing one year or more after you.

It may not look the same on the outside or they may not have the exact same healing technique as you; however, internally they are making the same core choice as you to go deeper in self-love, to come home to your Harmonious Union that is already within you.

Jeff and Shaleia from Twin Flames Universe like to say, "Picture your Union like a garden. One Twin Flame works on one side of the garden, while the other works on a different part of the garden. Both are cultivating together as one. Both are choosing to cultivate deep love within, by doing the inner spiritual healing work. When you choose self-love, healing, and union, your Twin Flame does too!"

This is exactly why the Twin Flame journey is all about the inner-work and self-healing. We attract our Twin Flames from within because that's where our Twin Flame is, in our hearts. So here at Twin Flames Reality, we will lovingly guide you and support you with the Teachings of Union on how to heal yourself AND how you will naturally trigger your Twin Flame, to start their healing journey. This is a VERY loving trigger, for it is ALREADY your destiny to begin your inner healing as one.

So are you ready to start healing with your Twin Flame?

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