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Does My Twin Flame Feel My Energy When I Am Upset?

Yes, your Twin Flame can feel when you are upset, even if you are not physically together. You share the same soul & consciousness, so your Twin Flame is always connected to you.

They may mirror you being upset by bringing it up in conversation or they may give you space to work through what you are feeling.

Overall, you do not need to worry or overthink if your Twin Flame can feel your moods. It is safe to focus on yourself, which is one of the main themes of the Twin Flame journey. Your Twin Flame is that one person who loves you unconditionally, so deep within, they could never judge you or be upset with you, for you being upset.

Do the mirror exercise to release your upsets. You want to have boundaries with your Twin Flame's energy and allow yourself to just work through your own feelings. As you do this your Twin Flame will reflect your healing and your connection will harmonize.

If you desire to learn more about the Twin Flame dynamic, stop in and check us out! We have the most effective healing tools that are taught by Jeff & Shaleia Divine, to let go of those upsets, and to be with your Twin Flame THIS lifetime. Let's make history, let's heal our Twin Flame Union together.


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Unknown member
Nov 03, 2023

Of course you give your twin space to work through things. 💚💚

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