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Does My Twin Flame Dream Of Me When I Dream Of Them?

We all have had that cozy dream of our Twin Flame that feels so real. That we don't want to wake up from. Then we wake up feeling refreshed and smile. But we have always asked ourselves.

Do they also dream of me?

Do they dream of when at the same time I dream of them?

Yes! You share the same consciousness with your Twin Flame, so it is extremely likely that when you dream of them, they dream of you. Dreams are a way your Twin Flame and you connect.

Whether you have a good or bad dream about your Twin, the takeaway from it should be how it made you feel. If you had a good dream about your Twin Flame, you can look for at what is the dream is guiding you too. If you had a bad dream about your Twin Flame, this is pointing you towards where you need to heal. So don't get discouraged if it is a bad dream. It is just a call to go deeper into more self-love. It is a reminder to let go of those negative thoughts and feelings. Your Twin Flame may have the same dream as you and it is guiding them towards healing, as well. But what matters is to not be attached to that dream, the negative feeling of your Twin not being in your reality, or the desire to get something from your Twin. We desire to be at peace with no attachments to them and know that all the love we seek is already within us.

Here at Twin Flames Reality, we can help you with that dream of having your Twin Flame permanently in your life. That dream keeps expanding and keeps getting better and better. To where you can finally say with a BIG smile on your face: Yes, dreams do come true!

Come dream with us. We share the same dream as you. Harmonious Union With our Twin Flame. Yep, that dream will be a reality one day...

I Claim My Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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