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Do I Have To Believe In God to get my Twin Flame?

Short answer is: No.

Being with your Twin Flame requires you to believe in LOVE.

From our perspective, God is love. So if you believe in love, you believe in God. All good things and everything you dream of, comes from love. It's all about the energy. We're not saying God is this magical man in some other realm that makes all your wishes come true. We're just saying to us, God is a higher power, a VERY HIGH CONSCIOUSNESS that at the core is all based on unconditional love and has the power to create and deliver everything to you through its energy as you choose and align your consciousness to it.

Do you have to believe in Religion?

Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Paganism, etc. You don't have to follow their faiths to have your Twin Flame.

We follow what we call Unionism, which is just being in Union with God. This doesn't mean there are rules where you have to follow certain traditions and faiths. You must do ONE thing however.

That is to align yourself with the consciousness of LOVE. THATS IT! Whatever feels good for you. It's about using your heart and instinct to live instead of your mind, because our minds can lead us astray from love. Our hearts were created by Divine Love, which gives us natural instinct and that is how God/Love communicates with us.

Ultimately to be with your Twin Flame means you must conquer the pain you feel in your heart from trauma, remove those bad feelings within your heart with LOVE, believe with every part of you that you are a being of Divine Love and that your Twin Flame is also part of you. As you begin to enter this way of feeling, not only does it bring you inner peace, but it also manifests your Twin Flame in the physical.

I Claim My Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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