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Do I have to believe in God through Christianity to have my Twin Flame?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

The answer to this question is very simple, and that is NO.

The teachings of Union come through Unionism, which is essentially a religion that combines all religions from Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and many other cultures and beliefs.

Through these teachings, we understand that Christ, Buddha, Krishna, etc. are all Ascended Masters who have done the spiritual work and achieved the vibration of Perfect Union with God, our creator of Heaven and Earth, just as we are all working to achieve too. We honor and respect all the teachings by the master's before us.

All religions focus on God and it is the same God who created all.

To have your Twin Flame, all you need to do is build your relationship with God, and that part itself is not about religion, but specifically about your relationship with our creator. So whether you resonate with God, Source, Spirit, The Universe, Allah, etc., you are connecting with a higher power that embodies love. As you get closer to God, eventually you enter the Gates of Heaven through your conscious mind and are living at a high vibration that is simply LOVE.

That is where your Twin Flame Union resides.

So religion is not the focus. The focus is on LOVE and RELATIONSHIP with God and that is what brings you the manifestation of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. This teaching being shared with you through Twin Flame Ascension School by Jeff and Shaleia Divine, is the fastest way to ascension with your Twin Flame physically living with and sharing life with you forever.

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