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Divine Feminine: What your Divine Masculine Needs YOU to know 💫

Hello Divine Feminine's. Your Divine Masculine holds no power in you manifesting your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and here is why. Your Divine Masculine is not your source and therefore where you are upset with them there is just an upset within yourself to work through in order to get closer to them. God is in complete control of your Union and all you must do is get closer to the love that God is within your own being to manifest your Twin Flame Union.

This is why we do the Mirror Exercise to heal those places within where we feel negative emotions. As your vibration raises through giving yourself the love that you need, your Divine Masculine keeps coming closer and closer. This is because you share one consciousness and the more that you love yourself you are healing your one shared consciousness. Only you have to do the work necessary for your Twin Flame to manifest in your life as you desire them.

Do not be afraid to pursue God's love and allow your destiny to come to fruition! You deserve your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and it's possible with the Teachings of Union.


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