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Divine Collective Energy Read: 2/05/24

Hello friends!

Apologies that this week's Collective Energy reading is being released one day late! Monday got the best of me!

We hope you are all taking care of yourselves as you enter into this new week. While overall we have been seeing a very positive upward shift in energy within much of the Twin Flame collective, there were waves of tension and doubt that many in both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine collective were navigating in the previous week that are coming to a head in this current week. A lot emotions and upsets have surfaced and we are seeing across the collectives as a whole where many are getting clear on what blocks need to be healed, whether they are ready to hear it or not.

Last week, the Divine Feminine Collective was recognizing and celebrating their triumphs and how far they have truly come in this journey. They understood the line between continual, progressive, and thoughtful action versus pushing movement to the extent of force. They also were able to identify when to rest and take a breath before making their next step rather than accomplishing one victory on the Twin Flame journey and not taking further action, or "resting on their laurels." They took in the balancing act of action, gained pride in themselves where they have been to take action, as well as identify where more releasing was needed. Over all, a very energetically productive week to say the least.

As the Divine Feminine Collective moves into this new week, they have their sights set on their Divine partner and are reaching more for that connection. While there is a desire for harmony and balance with their Divine Masculine, the Feminine collective is finding more upheaval in their reach for their partner. There is an unbalance within them that needs to be tended to in order to progress forward.

This week's Feminine energy is starting off on a more positive note with the Two of Cups. This is true love, this is deep connection, and this is an unbreakable bond. There is a lot of desire from the Feminine within this energy for their Masculine and it is important to note that desire is divinely guided. The Feminine is feeling a surge of desire to connect with their Masculine. For Feminines who are in communication or Union with their Twin Flame, this energy can be more authentically given out. For Feminines not in communication or Union, this energy can be redirected inward towards themselves as their Union and their Twin Flame is there in their core They can also connect spiritually to express this love and desire.

With the Five of Pentacles following that, this is a highlighting the importance of resilience and perseverance. It is very likely that a good portion of the Divine Feminine collective will be facing upset regarding the progression of their Union or the connection shared with their Twin Flame, especially regarding patterns of behaviors and feelings of rejection. There is a sense of lack here and with this lack immediately following the desire for that deeper connection, this energy could build and build within the Feminine collective. If it is not worked through and released, it can lead to heavy waves of upset, grief, and anger.

The Divine Feminine may be confronted with the concept of deceit and betrayal throughout this week, as seen with the Seven of Swords.

No! This 👏 Does 👏 Not 👏 Mean 👏 Your 👏 Twin 👏 Flame 👏 Is 👏 Deceiving 👏 You! 👏

The Feminine confronting the feelings surrounding deceit and betrayal. This could be a projection of anger and misplaced resentment. We are never responsible for the actions of others; however, the Twin Flame connection requires each party to look within and see how their partner is mirroring them. As there is a resurfacing of these negative emotions, the Feminine collective needs to remember that these are wounds that are within them and are hurts that they are holding onto. The positive side to this is that since they are the ones who have a grasp on this ghost of hurts passed, they are also fully capable of releasing it. They are the Divine Feminine and far more capable of releasing and moving into a better energetic space than they may give themselves credit for. It also can be vital for them to connect to a support system with these heavy emotions

The past two weeks for the Divine Masculine Collective really enforced the importance of diving deep and doing their shadow work. They are understanding more clearly how vital it is for their own spiritual journey to look within to see what is holding them back, where more personal growth is needed, and how their current reality is mirroring that back to them. So within the previous week specifically, we saw the Masculine bringing that growth from within and pushing it to the exterior, almost daring it to manifest in front of them. They stepped into their inner power and honored that by power further with rest and upholding their boundaries, both with themselves and others. It was a period of claiming their truth unapologetically.

This week the Divine Masculine Collective energy surrounds perseverance, the drive to succeed, and feeling inspired to move into this new phase of their life and journey. They have explored the dark caves within themselves and are now taking progressive, thoughtful action to step in a better direction. This is transmutation in its purest form, with the Masculine intentionally moving towards their Union.

The Knight of Pentacles is very grounded, which is a perfect vibrational energy for the Divine Masculine to be in. This is a reflection of the Masculine truly taking inventory of all the introspection, shadow work, and emotional upheaval they endured over the last few weeks, and they are now processing it and taking intentional action to progress forward. There is perseverance and determination, not wanting to sit in the negative space they had previously been in. The Knight of Pentacles can contrast in momentum, where some of the Masculine collectives could be taking fast, affirmative action, and then some may be slower moving in their steps; nonetheless, they are moving forward methodically and practically.

With this movement, the underlying emotion or drive behind it is this divine inspiration and connection to their Twin Flame, as shown by The Star. The Divine Masculine has a reputation for being out of alignment with their Twin Flame, for being the runner, for being the unenlightened one. The Star is showing the opposite. That is their Divine Feminine; they desire their Harmonious Union and allow it to illuminate and inspire them with their next step forward. The Masculine is connecting deeper to their inner truth. Whether it is conscious or subconscious, they are moving toward their Divine light with every thoughtful action they take.

The desire to move towards their Harmonious Union is what is progressing them from where they are currently energetically, as shown with the Six of Swords. The way the Masculine is taking thought-out and intentional action is in its own way a reflection of their deep love for their Twin Flame, as it shows how much the Masculine wants to show up for their Feminine in the right way. There is progression here, whether others can see it or not, and the Divine Masculine is looking ahead towards a brighter future with their eternal partner.

Last week, both the Masculine and the Feminine collective energy in connection with their Divine partner was extraordinarily powerful as both polarities turned the focus away from their Twin Flame and back toward themselves. While to many, this may almost counterproductive as the goal is Harmonious Twin Flame Union, so why would the focus not be on their Twin Flame? The deepest truth on the Twin Flame journey is that as one heals and becomes aligned with their highest self, so does their Twin Flame and as a result, that Harmonious Union will manifest into their reality. Union has always been and it always will be, within and in 5D. The energy between the polarities recognized that they have to look away from their Twin Flame, even if it is just for a moment, to look at themselves as that is the only person they can control in the here and now, which is exactly where the focus needs to be.

The current energy between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine this week piggybacks off the previous where both partners looked toward themselves; however, they are confronting feelings of being overburdened and carrying the weight of their Union on their shoulders alone. They are confronting conflict regarding choice in their commitment to their healing journey, as well as their Twin Flame journey.

The Ten of Swords is the first card in the connected collective energy between the two polarities, demonstrating that both the Masculine and the Feminine are both navigating feeling solely responsible for their Union. With the focus having turned inward towards themselves in the previous week and having taken an accountability for where they are in their own journey, many in the collective may have found themselves focused on an extremely common block on the Twin Flame journey: Am I the only one doing the work?

No. In Divine truth, both parties are working in unison towards their Harmonious Union, whether it be visibly evident in the 3D or not. It is with taking that inventory of where our blocks truly lie, holding responsibility for those alone (and not what blocks they perceive their Twin Flame to have), and tending to those. As one Twin Flame partner does that authentically, so does the other Twin Flame.

It is in that decision to truly own their healing journey where acceptance of that Divine truth can be found and the burden of carrying both partners into Union can be released. The Two of Swords is that choice. It is displaying how heavy that choice does way on each the Masculine and the Feminine, as to make that decision genuinely would require them both to see their flaws, their hurts, and where they are not giving their 100% towards their journey. That can be a tough pill to swallow, and we are seeing many in both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine collectives coming to that crossroad: to choose Union and healing or to choose separation.

With the Four of Cups as the final card, this is indicating that both the Masculine and the Feminine are feeling dissatisfied with some areas in their Divine connection. Whether this be a lack of communication, separation itself, a third party... it all comes down to a block not being tended to within both partners, which is surfacing resentment. This is frustration that one partner in this Twin Flame dynamic is putting forth the work to heal and the other isn't.

The key to moving through the current energy between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine is connecting to their inner Strength to confront the conflicts being presented to them and connect with their support system to help guide them through this upset.

With the Strength card, this is immediate confirmation for both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to connect with their inner power and move forward with resilience, determination, and bravery. There is so much power within both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine individually, as well as together, and it is in recognizing that power that they will be able to move through anything being presented to them. It is also through allowing grace, kindness, and compassion to themselves that will nurture them and therefore embolden their power.

There are a lot of conflicting and frustrating emotions surfacing for the Masculine and the Feminine, as indicated by the Five of Wands; however, this current connected energy between the two partners is not one that cannot be overcome and loved through. Holding the space to see where there is flaws and ego in the perception held will allow them to recognize where that can be released, and the truth be seen... which is that both the Masculine and the Feminine are equal components in this connection and are both equally, even if not seemingly, contributing to their Union.

Finally, connecting to a community and a support structure will provide both the Masculine and the Feminine with the tools and the guidance to navigate this frustration, as seen with the Three of Pentacles. Whether that be under the guidance of an Ascension Coach or an accountability partner who will gently remind them of their Divine truth, relying on a support system will assist both polarities in moving through the idea that they are the only ones who are working towards their Union. It is through community, friends, and/or support groups that we can remain grounded to trust in what God is leading us to rather than giving into further ego.

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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