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Divine Collective Energy Read: 1/29/24

In last week's collective reading, we saw the Divine Feminine moving forward and taking action with confidence towards their healing and their Union, while we saw the Divine Masculine get deep within themselves and explore where more healing is needed. In this new week, we see a continuation of the polarities moving forward in their own unique paths and doing so with enthusiasm.

In the previous week, the Divine Feminine Collective put forth new efforts towards their manifestations, ambitions, healing, and Union. They were able to step forward and acknowledge where deeper efforts needed to be made and then put those into action, so they can step into alignment to receive all of their desires.

This week, the Divine Feminine Collective is recognizing their triumphs, while retaining inner harmony and balance. They are learning the line of feeling into their sense of victory while also being able to release what is no longer serving them and not rest so much to the point of no longer working towards their Union.

We saw last week where the Divine Feminine was claiming the confidence to move forward and put in the work toward receiving their desires. With the Six of Wands, the Divine Feminine Collective is recognizing how far they have come and acknowledging their efforts from the previous week are paying off. This is a celebratory energy as there is no step forward that is too small on the Twin Flame journey. This is also a reminder for the Feminine collective to release an expectation of how progress should look and develop an appreciation for how their progress is made.

Temperance is all about balance, inner harmony, and patience. Specifically in connection with the Six of Wands, the Temperance is showing the Feminine Collective that while their hard work is paying off that does not mean just sitting on their laurels. There is an important balance in seeing your victories with the empowerment to keep pursuing more triumphs and achieving a victory and sitting in it without progressing forward.

The Twin Flame journey is the deepest spiritual journey there is and a key element for traversing this path is to be able to release what no longer serves them, which is being presented for the Feminine collective with the Eight of Cups. As the Divine Feminine continues to grow into alignment with their highest self and their Twin Flame, it is only natural they will need to confront what needs to be released to allow for more growth. This will be present for many in the Collective this week. With this energy following the acknowledgment of triumphs, this would feel like "one step forward, two steps back." However, this is not the case! As they release what is no longer serving them, the Divine Feminine will feel a weight lifted off of them so they can begin to ascend towards their Union and highest self

Last week, the Divine Masculine collective was forced to confront the darker parts of themselves, explore how deep their wounds and fears go, and then find welcoming compassion to confront them. There is a lot of fear around seeing ourselves as we truly are, in our flawed and vulnerable states, but there is also empowerment there and the Masculine was encouraged to find that empowerment to explore these darker sides to continue to grow and push forward.

This week, the Divine Masculine is taking what was revealed as they explored the darker parts of themselves and tuning into their inner Divine power to transmute it into something better. As they do this, they will be faced with the need to balance both rest and protecting their boundaries.

The Magician is present in the collective energy for the Divine Masculine and this is indicative of their ability to tap into their raw manifestation powers. There is so much that the Masculine Collective desires, both in physical abundance and in Divine Union with their Twin Flame, and they are choosing to seek it out further. They saw the deepest parts of their soul and where love and healing was needed. Now they are pursuing it. This is as much about inspired action as it is in trusting that their desires will manifest naturally. The Divine Masculine is embracing the balance of allowing the metamorphosis of their desires and they themselves to naturally unfold into what they are calling in, as well as choosing to act with intent to receiving it.

As the Masculine collective moves forward with inspiration, Four of Swords is indicating that rest and healing will be important. For many in the Masculine collective, moments of pause and reflection are encouraged. They dove very deep within their souls in the previous week and it is safe to allow themselves to fully move through the emotions that surfaced with that before feeling compelled to act further. For others in the collective, the excitement to create their desired reality, pursue their dreams, and achieve their Union can be overwhelming and rest is needed to simply balance it out and allow them to continue forward without burnout.

Finally, the Masculine collective also needs to honor their boundaries in this upcoming week, both with themselves and with others. This can go hand in hand with the balance of wanting to act now and knowing when to rest. This could be needing to remain firm on their truth and on their Twin Flame journey whether or not others approve or if there is fear in embracing that.

Last week, both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine collectives were navigating the polarity of feeling burdened by 3D obstacles blocking their Union and the resilience to keep persevering towards their Divine Union.

The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine collective surround putting the energy and focus inward towards themselves... which is exactly where it is supposed to be.

The Chariot starts off this collective joint energy between the polarities, which is indicative of both the Masculine and the Feminine claiming mastery and ownership over themselves, their healing, and their journey. That isn't to say that they "give up" on the journey or on wanting their Union with their Twin Flame, so they will go be by themselves. No. It is acknowledging that their Union starts from within themselves and by pursuing their own healing, so will their Twin Flame. It is a shared pursuit of self that connects the Masculine and the Feminine and they are both going into this next week heavy in that pursuit.

With that pursuit, there is the inevitable need to confront that they may not always be acting in alignment with their Union and that is what is stalling it, as seen with The Hanged Man. Recognizing that they are the only ones who can truly hold up their Union from manifesting can feel like a heavy responsibility; however, this does not need, nor should it feel like a burden. If anything, it should empower both the Masculine and the Feminine to see that if they have the power to halt their Union, they have the power to propel it forward. It will be important to reflect on the question, "Where am I preventing myself from experiencing my own Union? Where am I holding myself back from being the version of myself I was destined to be?"

As both polarities navigate that, they are encouraged to keep their eye on the horizon towards their goal as seen with the Seven of Pentacles. There is no need to beat themselves up over where they are potentially blocking their own Union, because they are still putting in the work towards it and that is always a win. Every moment the Masculine and Feminine do not give up on their journey is a win on the Twin Flame journey.

The key to navigating the current energy between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine collectives will be primarily focused on continuing to develop and strengthen a foundation for Union as individuals before they can come together.

The Four of Pentacles in conjunction with the Page of Swords can be indicative of needing to balance the need for emotional nurturing and protection of physical assets. This can be seen as the balance of wanting to go forth and run towards your Divine Union, while still making pragmatic choices in the here and now that align with the end goal. Healing is required as individuals in order for the Masculine and the Feminine to come together in perfect Harmony. The tendency to cling to insecurities and past hurts is an obstacle that can only be resolved by going within and tending to it alone (or with support...but the point being, you cannot expect your Twin Flame to do this for you 😊).

The King of Cups appears as confirmation that the balance of head and heart, 5D and 3D, Union and individuality is what will propel both partners forward. There is no one to control but self and it is through the focus of self that Divine Love is received. The Masculine and the Feminine will need to keep their focus on this balance and on the foundation they are building rather than putting the focus on what their Twin Flame is doing. Attempting to control what the other is doing will never serve their ultimate purpose, their Harmonious Twin Flame Union, as any actions done out of control are done out of ego and not Love.

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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