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Divine Collective Energy Read: 1/22/24

In the previous week, we saw a more uplifting and positive energy for both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine collectives. There was an overarching theme of reconnection to self, with the Masculine collective regathering their strength and tuning into their enthusiasm for their life’s purpose, and the Feminine exploring ways to provide themselves with self-assurance and nurture abundance. 

We saw in the previous week the Divine Feminine collective stepping out of a lot of upheaval and reconnecting with their sense of abundance, specifically finding abundance in the perceived mundane, as well as reconnecting with their ability to assure themselves. This was key in the Divine Feminine collective’s ability to recognize that all of their desires, including their Harmonious Union, are destined for them and there is no reason to feel insecure regarding that. In fact, it prompted many in the Feminine collective to find new ways to nurture themselves and their desires. 

Moving into this new week, the Divine Feminine collective is now taking this confidence and self-assurance gained and able to put in effort towards working for their goals and desires. Many in the collective will recognize this truth, but for others in the collective, the Eight of Pentacles is a reminder that thoughtful action is still required to achieve any abundance, even if it is destined. The Feminine Collective is acknowledging where there are skills they need to cultivate and are achieving an understanding that truly loving someone, whether that be themselves or their Twin Flame, is much like cultivating a skill. To unconditionally love another, it requires a practice of acceptance, patience, and trust. 

This in conjunction with the Three of Cups is presenting to the Feminine collective that it is okay and encouraged to cultivate a support system surrounding their desires, including their Union. This combination encourages the Feminine collective to or receive and engage with a supportive and collaborative environment, as it will provide key guidance in working towards their desires. A key example of this would be Ascension coaching, whether private or group, as it provides support for the Feminine in working towards their Union, while also allowing them to connect with others and feel validated in their own journey. 

The combination of hard work and a supportive, social circle will allow new opportunities for the Divine Feminine collective to take leaps towards their desires, as seen with the Ace of Pentacles. They are being presented with a core truth that they are truly capable and destined to achieve great things, but they recognize that it takes consistent effort and collaborative support to allow these opportunities to manifest for them fully. Pentacles is a very grounded energy and the Feminine collective is encouraged to remain grounded even as opportunities present themselves. If the end result desired or Union is not quickly manifesting, this is not a sign that it is not coming forward, but that the Feminine is calling it in healthily and steadily.

The Divine Masculine collective in the previous week was an overflow of more positive energy. We saw the Masculine gathering strength to push forward through any barriers or negative emotional blocks. This energy allowed them to reconnect with themselves and their life’s purpose and look at pursuing it more enthusiastically. 


The first card in the Divine Masculine’s collective energy this week is The Devil. The Masculine is being called to explore their shadow selves. By diving deep into the pools of their consciousness and subconsciousness, they can begin to gain a greater understanding of how they are flawed and in what areas they need to grow, both to achieve their Union and to align with their highest selves. The Devil can be an indicator of where there are self-destructive behaviors and the Masculine needs to tend to those. With this, the Divine Masculine collective is also being called to explore their relationship with attachment. What are they holding onto that needs releasing to move forward? Where are they resistant to that release? Many in the collective may be navigating the duality of instant gratification versus restraint to better their long-term well-being. Others in the collective may be confronting feelings of being shackled and breaking free of what is a perceived restraint. 

With Judgement following that, this is confirmation that introspection will be very prominent for the Masculine collective this week. As there is an exploration of the depths of the Masculine’s shadow selves, it will be crucial to take what is found and reflect on it. Analyze where change may needed and determine the next steps toward achieving that change. Judgement is a call for change and action; it is transformation and awakening. While the Devil is showing the Masculine collective where there are negative behaviors and limiting beliefs within them, Judgement is their call to take action, break free of them, and start on a healthier path. Release fear around removing negative influences that may sway the Masculine collective away from their Divine purpose/Union and derail their progress. 

With the Four of Wands as the final card in the Divine Masculine’s collective energy in this week, this is assurance that despite what may feel like heavy internal work, there is great reward at the end of it. There is celebration, there is joy, and there is Union on the horizon. The Masculine needs to be able to celebrate themselves and acknowledge their growth with joy. They should be proud of themselves! This can indicate a significant turning point in their lives and in their journey towards their Harmonious Union. The Four of Wands is also a significant card for Twin Flames, as it can serve for many that the introspection and changes being made this week is serving a greater purpose and there will be divine Reward for it.

Both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine collectives are feeling confronted by the hurdles and barriers towards their Union with one another. 

With the Nine of Wands, there is acknowledgment that both polarities are focused on their current reality. In a way, they are down in the trenches and have their sights on what they are facing that is blocking their Union. Many may be feeling like it will always be barrier after barrier, hurdle after hurdle, and may be feeling the inclination to throw their hands in the air and be done. However, there is strength and resilience within both the Masculine and the Feminine and a desire to continue on, as both parties know within their soul that this is not something they can give up on. 

Both the Masculine and the Feminine will mirror each other in a way to continue forward and as they do, they will find their path illuminated and encouragement revealed, as indicated by the Sun. It can be challenging to recognize that there is effort on the other side of the polarity, especially for Twin Flames in separation, but this is recognition that both Divine partners are in the trenches together, just working towards each other. How the Masculine may navigate the trenches and break through barriers may not always be identical to how the Feminine may, so trust is important for both polarities to have. Their Twin Flame is doing the work along side them and their path is also being illuminated too. Both parties are learning their lessons and overcoming obstacles.

There is no denying that the Twin Flame journey towards Harmonious Union can be difficult to navigate and energetically draining. Both parties are facing obstacles in this week that may have them questioning whether it is worth it to continue, but the Six of Wands is that confirmation that neither party can truly give up on their journey or their Divine partner. Yes, the obstacles may feel great and there may be waves of heavy energy between both the Masculine and the Feminine, but there is an even greater sense of resilience between them. There is a flame of hope that cannot be easily snuffed out. When either polarity is feeling like they may throw in the towel, that pull within them prevents them from doing so. That is their Twin Flame, that is their Divine Love, and it is felt between both parties, whether they are together or in separation. Both parties cannot fully give up on the other. Both the Masculine and the Feminine will continue on and overcome any obstacles in the way of their Union.

As indicated in the current energy between the Masculine and the Feminine collectives, both Divine partners are navigating feeling down in the trenches and may struggle with only having their sight on the obstacles ahead. Key elements of moving through that energy surround maintaining a greater perspective, holding boundaries, and balancing intellect versus emotion.

Many on the Twin Flame journey struggle with a sense of losing time or missing out on what their Union; as if they don’t do enough immediately, Union will not happen. There is a battle of GO GO GO mentality within them and it is not sustainable to achieve a permanent physical connection with their Twin Flame. The Seven Pentacles is a pull down to earth. It is perfectly safe to pause, stand up, and take sight of the greater picture. It is within that greater perspective that both the Masculine and the Feminine can refocus on what steps are needed next. A lot of introspection is occurring within the collectives, especially the Masculine this week, and it is ok to pause and reflect on what the right course of action may be. Instant gratification is not always built to last and what both polarities truly desire is a loving, stable, and sustainable physical connection with their partner. The collectives are safe to pause and reflect on how to best achieve that, even if it means their Union is not as instant as they would prefer. 

The Seven of Wands is then presented as a reminder of the importance of boundaries. This week it is specifically boundaries with the self, but that does not mean that boundaries with others will not be crucial. It is just as important to hold oneself accountable as it is to others. Where the Masculine or the Feminine may be feeling an anxiety or fear-based need to keep pushing forward, it is the ability to make themselves stop and hold themselves to a higher standard. Fear-based action rarely leads to productive results. The Masculine and the Feminine both need to hold strong to the pursuit of their Twin Flame and love themselves, and healthy boundaries are a reflection of that. 

The Seven of Pentacles and the Seven of Wands back to back can also be an indicator for some in the collective that they may be putting energy into the wrong areas in this present time. If either the Masculine or the Feminine is solely focused on putting work towards “fixing” their partner or bettering their partner, that will continuously drain their energy because it is not where they should be focused. It is through the focus on self, working to heal their own hurts, and connecting to their Divine purpose that we see sustainable growth within Twin Flames, as they are one at their core.

Finally, with the Queen of Swords, it will be especially helpful for both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine collectives to take a more analytical and thoughtful approach towards action within this week. There is a lot of duality between the mind and heart and it can require both balance and knowing there is a time and a place for both. With the current energy between the Masculine and the Feminine, it will be more beneficial for both the polarities to think critically and logically about the next steps and evaluate self-growth. This may feel conflicting for many in the collective as to rely on logical thinking could feel like a betrayal to the heart as the Twin Flame connection can defy a lot of “logic”, but it is important to know that the analytical mind is needed to move through the hurdles being presented. It is not needed to question the Divine truth that the Masculine and Feminine are meant to be in Harmonious Union. It is simply to aid in keeping an eye on the prize and ensuring that both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine have a clear vision and can maintain focus on achieving their Union.

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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