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Divine Collective Energy Read: 1/15/24

In the previous week, both the Feminine and Masculine collective experienced a lot of upheaval and emotional intensity, with strong insecurities and fears emerging. The Feminine collective was being called to open their hearts more to the abundance that is currently in their life, as well as the abundance and manifestations within their heart. Meanwhile, the Masculine collective was being called to reconnect with their angels, ancestors, guides, and/or Source of higher power for assurance and stability. Both of these directives 

As we move into this new week, the Divine Feminine collective is heeding the guidance and message given the previous week by acknowledging and stepping into their sense of abundance and self-assurance. They were forced to face a lot of the barriers and emotional blocks that are preventing their desires, including their Union, from manifesting into their current reality, and with that, the Divine Feminine is feeling this reigniting passion to claim their desires confidently. 

With the Ten of Pentacles as the first card, there is an acknowledgment of how truly destined for abundance and prosperity the Divine Feminine is. That is not to say that they have fully moved past the barriers they are working through; more so, they are regaining a sense of trust and confidence that despite what barriers lay in front of them, all of their desires will be achieved and manifested into their 3D reality. 

Not only are the Feminine collective gaining this self-assurance, but they will be nurturing themselves, their energy, and their manifestations, as we see with the Empress. This revival of Empress energy will be a key component in navigating the barriers between the Divine Feminine and their manifestations, specifically Union and boundaries with self, as it will prompt the question: Where can I nurture myself? 

The Divine Feminine collective will be putting more energy in this week towards where they can nurture themselves, their ambitions, and their manifestations. With that, there will be a fierce protection felt for them, with the Seven of Wands. Like a mother bear protecting her cubs, the Divine Feminine collective may defend herself, her truth, and her boundaries with ferocity if questioned or disrespected. It will be important for some of the Feminine collective to remember that the perceptions of others is not a burden they need to carry and to remind themselves that their Union is theirs to claim with or without the approval of others. For others in the Feminine collective may need to honor this same notion, but by upholding boundaries with themselves and their fear. This is not a time to doubt. Trust in your guaranteed Divine abundance.

Much like the Divine Feminine collective, we saw that the Divine Masculine collective went through a lot of upheaval in the previous week, specifically manifested in physical symptoms. Moving into this new week, the Masculine collective is rallying into a more positive energy. They are stepping out of the hail storm that was the previous week’s energy and into the sunlight. 

With The Sun, this is an indicator that the Masculine collective is regathering their strength and vitality. They may be feeling a resurrection of confidence and enthusiasm regarding their own journey, their self-sense, and their connection with their Divine Feminine. For some, this may be reflected in their Union, but for the Masculine in separation, this optimistic energy may be focused more towards themselves and their Divine purpose. That isn’t to say that the Masculine will not give energy towards their Union at all, but more so, by putting effort into securing themselves into the best of version they can be, they are opening themselves up to their Union even further. An important question to ask this week: How can I continue to grow into my highest self?

Although the Divine Masculine collective may be focused more so on career and self-growth into this next week, the Two of Cups does reflect that their Divine Feminine counterpart and their Twin Flame Union are still greatly on their mind. For many in the Masculine collective, building a solid and stable foundation is how this romantic and loving energy is presented. This does not have to be “visible” to the Divine Feminine for it to be true, as doing the inner work and connecting with their Divine purpose is a key component for the Masculine collective in building the foundation for their Union.

The Strength card is a confirmation of the Divine Masculine collecting rallying their energy from the previous and moving forward more positively and productively. In regards to the inner work and overcoming barriers towards their Union and ambitions, the Divine Masculine is being presented with the reminder that they can overcome anything. There is no true “block” for what they desire and with effort, they can achieve their goals, their purpose, their Union, and any material desires they have. In fact, as they continue to put forth effort into becoming their best self, the Divine Masculine will be able to show up more authentically and lovingly for their Feminine counterpart and be a source of strength, love, and support. 

The energy between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine collectively surrounds breakthroughs, surrender, and allowing.

With the Ace of Swords, mental clarity is coming through between the two polarities. There is a truth to be sought after and both parties within the connection are seeking it. Between the two Divine partners, there is a pursuit of truth, both in terms of their purpose and roles as individuals, as well as within their connection to their Twin Flame. For many in the collective, these breakthroughs will be centering on connection, almost like an ah-ha moment where they each can identify, “Yes, this is the one!” For others in the collective, the emotional blocks and barriers preventing union could be revealed, which is just as important as being able to identify who your Twin Flame is. 

In many ways, there is a feeling of being stuck between the Masculine and Feminine, as indicated by the Hanged Man. While both Divine partners are cutting through the confusion and uncertainty to get to the truth, surrendering expectations of a specific outcome is needed. There is a lot of fear surrounding the idea of releasing, as it tends to prompt this idea that there will be a loss of control entirely. Shifting perspectives to see it as allowing versus releasing may ease many of the collective. By allowing themselves to be open to new possibilities for how this Divine Union may manifest, both the Feminine and the Masculine are putting trust in themselves, their Union with their, and God, which is essential when navigating the Twin Flame journey.

While being in a state of allowing and releasing expectations will put both the Masculine and the Feminine collective into a state of trust, that does not mean they can or should simply just stop the work needed. The Knight of Pentacles is that reminder that nothing can be achieved on good faith alone. The inner work is still required to move through the emotional barriers to your Union and other manifestations. You can have blind faith a job will appear, but without at least sending our applications, that may be harder or at least more time to manifest into your reality. Seeking a balance between allowing and working will need to be navigated, as neither the Masculine nor the Feminine should work to the extent it crosses the threshold of forcing an outcome they may not be fully prepared for.

The key to navigating the energy between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine collective for this week is going deep within themselves, introspecting, and conquering the upsets within. As well, balancing the art of releasing expectations to an outcome, while still putting in effort and work towards a manifestation will be key in navigating this energy.

The Moon is present here, indicating that there are deep truths that each partner needs to seek within themselves in order to gain a deeper understanding of how their own place within their Union and the world as a whole. While Twin Flames are one at their core and share a consciousness in many ways, this is a reminder that they are both still individuals and need to tend to their own wounds in order to show up authentically for their Divine partner. 

Though the overall energy with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine collective individually is more optimistic, insecurity and fear can slither out of the woodwork at any moment. Tending to those fears and anxiety-based thoughts as they surface will allow each of the polarities to move through them. There is no shame, nor should there be fear in exploring the most hurt parts of oneself, as it is there that deep truths are found. Giving love to those hurt areas within that are discovered will bring the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine closer. 

For many in the collective, the Two of Cups can point to where that introspection needs to be focused. Ask yourself: Where do I hold negative and limiting beliefs about myself and my relationship with love? In what ways am I codependent on others? Do I give more love to others than I do to myself?

By looking into these areas of the psyche, the Masculine and the Feminine will be able to identify where there are blocks within their connection to their Divine partner specifically. 

The Two of Cups in conjunction with the Moon can also serve as a reminder to trust their intuition. Fear, doubt, and anxiety are common emotions on the Twin Flame journey and it often prompts the question, “What if I’m wrong? What if I am delusional and this isn’t meant to be?” As these fear based thoughts arise, the Masculine and Feminine collective need to trust in their intuition and trust the meaning in their connection with their Divine counterpart. 

If you have the desire, 
It’s because God planted it in your heart
And it’s meant to be.”
~ Jeff and Shaleia Divine

Finally, with the Eight of Swords, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are being called forward to confront any turmoil and conflict with themselves. It is human nature to have these fears, but dwelling on these fears will not allow forward movement. There may appear or feel as if there is a sense of safety by not tending to these anxieties, but it is an illusion. If the Masculine and Feminine are currently in Union, allowing an open and honest conversation will allow the partners to navigate them and heal through them together. Reminder: it is just as important to heal within on your own, as it is to heal with the aid of others. For the Masculine and Feminine in separation, allowing themselves to be open and honest with themselves is just as important as it would be with a partner. 

No wound or fear can trap either partner unless they allow it. By continuing to dive deep within and be honest with themselves and others, both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine collective can move through the current energy productively and healthily. 

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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