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Communication Between The DM & DF

Sometimes it can be frustrating when you communicate with your Twin Flame. They don't understand what we are trying to share with them fully. But what we must always remember is that every time we miscommunicate with our Twin Flame, it is something we must go deeper at communicating with ourselves. It is just a block and an illusion we must clear within, which is a call for more self-love. We are divine beings. We were created with unconditional love within. So, when we heal these blocks of where we are not fully loving ourselves, the communication with our Twin Flame will open up!

We must choose to always feel and communicate with our hearts, not just with our Twin Flame, but with everyone that we come in contact with. When we continue to choose this practice, we are also choosing to communicate with ourselves with love, as well. On your Twin Flame journey, you will come to see that the theme step by step is choosing love. Love conquers all, including those dreadful arguments and misunderstandings with our Twin and others!

Here at Twin Flames Reality, we can guide you to deeper communication with yourself. To uproot those blocks that seem like we cannot communicate with. This is such a key part of your Twin Flame journey. Communication opens us up to knowing that separation with our Twin is just an illusion. Communicate with your heart while you read this, then come on in and claim your full support on your journey. We are here to assist you with each step of your journey.

With Peace and Love to you, from all of us at Twin Flames Reality.

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