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Channeled Twin Flame Reading of the week for the Divine Masculine and Feminine Reading! ❤️‍🔥

This week marks a great time for change for both the Divine Masculine and Feminine. It's time to face the energies that have been brewing and heal through them. Check out the reading of the week for both Twin Flame Energies and allow the messages to channel through you. It's time to evolve.

As you begin to work through your upsets, you may not be able to heal everything right away. Be patient as there can be multiple layers of upsets causing regret for the Masculine and the Feminine may also experience that same reality with commitment. This Journey is all about the process and being at peace with it.

If you are ready to ascend to the NEXT level in your Union, Schedule a private coaching call with me, or sign up for our Weekly Group Coaching calls, where in both I will personally walk you through the "The Mirror Exercise" and we will go to your inner child, uncover where you are blocked off to Gods love, heal that space within your heart and progress you through your journey to the consciousness of heaven where your Twin Flame is waiting for you.

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