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Can You Cut Cords With Your Twin Flame?


You and your Twin Flame were divinely created as one before you both chose to manifest on Earth. Since you share the same consciousness and the same soul, they are you and you are them. Your Twin Flame is the ONLY person you can not cut cords with.

Let's take a look at what cutting cords means.

Cutting cords is a spiritual/energetic term to release someone or something completely; to let that person or thing go, forever. So it is completely the opposite with your Twin Flame. You are husband and wife for eternity! The love between you and your Twin Flame can NEVER be taken away, and never will die down or be extinguished as long as you put God first!


You CAN cut cords with a Karmic Partner or a Soulmate. Karmic Partners and Soulmates are not meant to be lifelong partners. They mainly come into your life to teach important lessons, and then move on. The love is never meant to go deeper with them. Above all else, we ONLY desire our Twin Flame in our hearts because we get to live the physical manifestation of God's unconditional love!

Here at Twin Flame Reality, you will learn the dynamics of Twin Flames and how to heal separation with your beloved true love, for eternity.

So come on in and check us out, we are here to support you on your Path back to eternal love.


I Claim my Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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