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Can I Convince My Twin Flame To Be With Me?

It can be super frustrating when you want to be with your Twin Flame, but they do not respond the way you desire. You try over and over to TALK your way into a relationship with them.

Trying to convince them of the deep connection that the two of you naturally have. You have thought of many different conversation scenarios in your head of how to tell them and show them you want to ONLY be with them. But you never seem to get any closer to what you desire, that committed relationship...

Your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Mirror. They are going to unconditionally show you all of the places you are not loving yourself. Where you are not committing to yourself. Ask yourself...

What does that mean to not commit to yourself?

You haven't fully committed to LOVING yourself.

Now ask, where have you avoided healing and loving yourself from past deep wounds?

Where do you feel you have rejected yourself, of not TRULY loving yourself where you felt hurt?

These are all aspects of committing to yourself and examples of how to start diving deeper into your soul. You must recognize the upset and heal it with the Mirror Exercise. When we do this, by focusing on ourselves and giving ourselves that inner confidence and self-love, our Twin Flame will change their stance on recognizing you as their ultimate lover.

The TRUTH IS, you don't have to convince your Twin Flame to be with you. At the core of your being, you share the same consciousness with them, so when you love yourself and keep working on removing ego/negative emotions and feel in your heart you are ONE with your Twin Flame, they will naturally recognize you as their ultimate lover.

Trying to convince them is only seeking love outside of yourself, and Harmonious Twin Flame Union can't manifest that way.

The Twin Flame journey is not a journey of being "Okay" with staying in emotional pain in your heart.

It's about Love, Peace, and Tranquility and ultimately a life lived in...


Here at Twin flames reality, we will always support you to your heaven on earth. We will teach you how to look at all those places and be more present with your feelings and show you how to go deep with loving yourself. When you keep moving forward in love, love will move forward with you. Your Twin Flame ALREADY loves you no matter what, and they will move forward in love with you too as you love yourself.

I Claim My Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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