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Bear encounter in Yellowstone 🐻

My buddy and I visited Yellowstone National park and witnessed it's beauty firsthand. This was the second time visiting on my road trip and I was very happy to do so in order to explore some more of it's unending beauty. God shines through this park with ease and capture every piece of your soul.

As we toured the area I began to share with my buddy Jonny that I wanted to witness a bear in our physical reality. I began claiming this experience in my heart. We begin driving towards new areas to sight see and a swarm of people are all watching for a mother bear and her cubs to come out. The park ranger standing by told me that if you wait a few hours you will maybe see the bear. I said to him half jokingly we will see the bear in 5 minutes. I began to meditate and connect with the bear's higher self and show the bear that she was safe to come forward if she wanted to. I remained in meditation for about 2 minutes and surrendered the situation completely to God. 10 seconds later the park ranger yells there is the bear and she comes out with her cubs to bring us all the joy we desired. It was a very magical moment that blew my mind and my friends as he saw what had just manifested as well. I hope that you enjoyed this story! Your connection with God is stronger than any separation that you are giving power to.

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