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Twin Flame Energy Reading: 6/24/24

Hello and happy new week to everyone on this Divine Twin Flame journey!

We are welcoming in Cancer season as of June 21st and it is wild how quickly this year is already passing us by. But this Cancer season wants to invite us all to explore our empathetic and sensitive side, so I do encourage everyone to find ways to do so throughout this new season. Your Twin Flame will thank you for it!

This Cancer season, your Twin Flame appreciates your passion and commitment. By surrendering your fears and illusions, you create space for miracles to manifest and for the Universe to conspire in your favor. - Twin Flames Universe

If you are curious to know more, let us know! I would definitely be happy to give a deep dive into that in a separate blog, so let us know in the Discord if you are interested in hearing more about how to utilize the power of the current zodiac's season to help you with your Twin Flame journey!

We are, once again, using my favorite Major Arcana and Oracle deck to channel this week's reading by the wonderful and talented Mike Willcox. Now let's get right into this reading!

The Divine Feminine is embodying entering this Cancer season this week. Cancer season officially began on the 21st of June, but it is entering this week that they are truly feeling that Cancer energy. This is the first water sign in the Zodiac and it embodies our sensitivity, our adaptability, our dependability, and our resiliency. It is very much about being sensitive to the energies around us, while adapting and persevering through anything that feels conflicting to us. Cancer also serves as an invitation to look deeper into the boundaries we have up, both with ourselves and others. The boundaries we hold with ourselves is equally as important as the boundaries we put up with others. It can also be an invitation for the Feminine to ask themselves where they are doing too much and then adapt accordingly.

This energy feels very conflicting with the Aries card coming up second, but this is really a deeper insight into exploring where the Feminine is feeling energized and passionate. This is an area that more love is needed and more time/focus is needed. It is safe to take the focus off of their Divine Masculine, off of their specific person, and shift it back towards themselves. The Masculine is attracted to that and not only are they attracted to it, but the Feminine will feel better about themselves when they pour that love into what energizes them. Finally, it is such a classic and potentially annoying reminder, but to hold patience during this ever enduring process and journey to Union. Not only holding patience within the realm of all things Twin Flame, but being patient with themselves as they rediscover who they are and explore where there are sensitivities in this new season. It is so easy to get agitated and when the Feminine does feel agitated with themselves, that is when they need to pause and remind them that they are an embodiment of love, act accordingly.

The Divine Masculine is being called to focus on themselves, specifically with the intention of exploring the depths of themselves. This may feel very challenging, if not even a bit daunting or scary, for the Masculine as for many this could almost feel like they are encroaching on uncharted territory. They are safe though. There is nothing that they can find within themselves that cannot be loved through. This energy that is being channeled with the Caverns for the Masculine does feel like the beginning almost of an energy that will last for a while, but that is okay. There is no rush to the finish line; however, it is feeling as if they are being guided to locate what is keeping them chained.

That Devil is all about being confined to something negative, whether that be a negative behavior, a negative pattern, a cycle of abuse, a material addiction, a substance addiction, etc. etc. etc. The list could go on, but the point is that there is something the Masculine is needing to conquer and where that is rooted is in their Ego. The Ego is often the hardest place to truly explore, but it contradicts what the Masculine believes their logical mind is telling them. It is out of self preservation, but it is important that the Masculine reminds themselves that there is no need to preserve, because they are safe and they are loved. And with that energy it is important for the Masculine to remember that it is ok to simply allow themselves to be. To be hurt by what they find, to be upset, to be mad, to be frustrated, embarrased, whatever it does not matter. To simply go with the flow of their feelings and know that they are going to be okay. They are going to work through this energy. There is no energy that cannot be moved through or healed. There is no obstacle that cannot be worked around.

The Heart is at the center of what is being felt between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. This is pure love. This is desire. This is connection. There is no greater connection than that shared with a Twin Flame counterpart. Simply no one else can compare. That is what is being felt in between the Masculine and the Feminine. There is this pull that maybe feels stronger in this current week than others, which is okay and natural. Love is ever enduring, but it does fluctuate in magnitude. Meaning how prevelent is in it the forefront of our minds. This week, the love is so strong it almost cannot be NOT thought of. So the guidance is to lean into that and give it to themselves if not able to be given to their counterpart. Trust that they will feel it if you do.

With that love, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are feeling this pull towards each other. For many in separation, this could be the week where contact is made or breakthroughs happen simply due to the strength of that magneticism that they are feeling. Do not be discouraged though if you are not apart of that piece of the collective. This simply means that you are still on track! This does not necessarily have to be Twin Flame specific, even though this is part of the energy that is shared between the Masculine and the Feminine. This could be a mirroring between the two, where both are feeling pulled toward their passions, their life purpose, which only further aligns them in their inevitable Union. Finally, there is a renewed strength being shared between the two. This could be specific to the point where many in the collective may have been experiencing a lack of faith in this journey and that is a flame lit anew. How this may manifest for each person will be very individualized, even to a point where it does not have to mirror their Twin Flame specifically, but leaning into that renewed strength will aid them as individuals in their journey this week.

Now while the energy that is being shared between the Masculine and the Feminine is over all extremely positive, that does not mean there is going to be no difficulties or no areas of their lives where challenges are presented. So the key with navigating that energy is to understand that there is always opportunity to start a new and that there is always a new choice to be made when presented with upsets. The Fool embodies that new choice. If one of the Divine Partners feels this overflow of love, but frustrated that they cannot express that physically, it is understanding that there is a new option here rather than giving into the frustration or wanting to give up entirely. In that case, it would be to give love to their Twin Flame how they can, aka give love to themselves. What the new option or new beginning may offer or how it may manifest will vary, but the guidance is to be open and to seek it out, and then to take the leap in that decision. This is also about making a choice to renew hope whenever it feels as if you are on the brink of losing it.

The next element of navigating the energy being presented in this week is to remain balance. Keeping balance at the forefront of our minds as we move through what we are going through helps us remember that going full force into all extremes does not serve us. Yes, even going full force into I'M GOING TO LOVE MY TWIN FLAME SO FUCKING HARD THEY WILL BE FORCED TO FEEL IT is honestly kinda icky energy. Yes, we all maybe think that at times, but to give into that energy borderlines obsession and that just is not the vibe. There is also something really important about introspecting and acknowledging where our imbalances have been and learning from them. There should be no shame in how they have behaved in the past simply because it comes back to a learning experience, so maybe the Masculine and the Feminine can both reflect on what there is to learn from their experience thus far even if they are not currently going through something upsetting them. This is all about aligning and harmonizing their energy, which is how we can summarize navigating the energy this week. How can we continue to harmonize ourselves and align ourselves with our purpose and our Union?

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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