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Healing the Third Party Karmic Situation

Updated: May 5, 2023

For most of my Twin Flame journey my Twin Flame was still with her karmic partner. She also had a false Twin Flame that very aggressively would show up in her reality and disturbed her peace, which I saw from the first day I had met her. She was in relationships where she wasn't actually seen or valued for who she was and would get things like sex, or financial support in return for being the "trophy" wife, which to me was super lame because of how well I knew her on a spiritual level without really knowing her from the beginning of us physically meeting. After off and on separation she would run back and forth in these connections to get what she thought she needed. With your Twin Flame you are fulfilled in every way because it is a connection created by God for you to share together forever. We had a very bad falling out that resulted in no contact over the last couple of years and I saw how much she was growing and aligning with me from afar as I'd check in on her much more than necessary, but I felt very afraid I was going to lose her. Most recently as I took a trip to India to really focus on myself and reground my energy and detach from my co- dependency completely, she then soon after chose to leave her soulmate and get a divorce. The way things looked on the outside when feeling super harsh I now see were just leading me to be gentle and compassionate towards my own self. I have dealt with intense mental health issues and fear that has manifested in physical sickness, but am really currently grounding into the life of my dreams filled with peace, love, and eternal happiness. I look forward to where this is leading me and I will keep you all updated! Thank you for reading :)

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10 avr. 2023

This is dope, and I Love the healing we do in our sessions. Its been great with Both of us healing over this past year, and I look forward to more healing and the future! Thanks for your support, and I'm here to support you as well ☮️♥️

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