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Twin Flames & Overthinking

When you first go into separation with your Twin Flame, it can be very frustrating and feel overwhelming. You may find yourself constantly thinking of your Twin to the point where it even hurts to think of them, because the desire to be with someone else will never compare to the desire to be with your Twin Flame. It is because deep within you are naturally programmed to be with your Twin Flame. You may have many regrets, wishing you could go back and change things with them. You might even find yourself constantly checking up on their social media, to see what they are doing. You want them there so badly to make you feel better...

But when you start pointing the arrow to yourself and learn how to heal yourself with the Mirror Exercise, you will start to let go of the hurt, the sadness, and the attachment. The deeper you go into self-love, you will feel much better and feel far less hurt. You will be so focused on your growth, inner healing, and self-love, that you will only feel peaceful when you think of your Twin Flame. This will be the way to magnetize them back into your life. The more you heal and love yourself, the closer they will come to your physical reality. The more you focus on God and yourself, the more your Twin Flame will desire to be with you.

So let's start loving and romancing ourselves! Let's claim our love within and start giving to ourselves EVERYTHING that we were desiring to get from our Twin. Here at Twin Flame Reality, we can teach you how to accomplish all of that. We can help you let go of all those nagging thoughts and how to come into more inner peace, more joy, more love. That's what the Twin Flame journey is ALL about.

Peace, Joy, Love. Repeat.

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