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Does My Twin Flame Think Of Me?

One of the most common questions on the Twin Flame journey is, "Does my Twin Flame think about me like I think about them?" Yes, they do! You share the same consciousness, so therefore you will experience moments where you can intuitively feel them thinking of you. You may have very vivid dreams of them. It is their way to remind you that they love you and are thinking of you.

Synchronicities are other ways to show you that your Twin Flame is thinking of you. Mainly through numbers that you may associate with them. You may see their name in random places or see people that remind you of them. Always follow your heart & feelings because that will help you understand the synchronicities as they happen.

If you would like to learn more about Twin Flame synchronicities and the unique dynamic of Twin Flames, & how you can be with your Twin Flame in this lifetime, check out the links below!

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