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Can Twin Flames Be The Same Sex/Gender?

This is a common question on the Twin Flame journey.

We may have sometimes struggled to know who we are or who we are designed to be with.

Am I the masculine one or am I the feminine?

Am I attracted to the feminine or am I attracted to the masculine?

The answer will become clearer the more you heal, but everyone's truth is that your Twin Flame will be the opposite whether you're the masculine or feminine.

In Jeff & Shaleia's book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, they go on to say...

"Twin Flames has two polarities, and you are either one or the other. 100% masculine at the core or you are 100% feminine at the core. Twin Flame pairs are always one masculine and one feminine polarity, there is no exception."

Basically, the two polarities are an energy from within your heart of what you feel you are. It is not gender-specific within the 3D, but an energy you embody. If you have any confusion about who you are, who you desire, or which of the two polarities you align with, do not worry. You can heal all of this naturally by going within and healing with self-love.

We practice a self-reflection tool called "The Mirror Exercise" where you go within your heart to find where you are upset and what's causing that upset, such as trauma, abuse, etc. Then you ask yourself what you need to feel loved. If you know your Twin Flame and you are upset with them for how you are being treated you say, "I am upset with my Twin Flame because_______ (fill in the blank)." Next, you turn the upset back towards yourself and say, "I am upset with myself because________ (whatever you said to fill in the blank). As you get clear on what you need, give yourself love in that space. That will heal the pain and help you get closer to your Divinity and truth.

Here at Twin Flames Reality, we are very skilled with the Teachings Of Union and we can gently, lovingly, and compassionately guide you through those blocks where the confusion is. To be able to understand your truth with full confidence, of who you are within, as the divine being that you are, to recognize that your ultimate Lover is the opposite of your energy.

So come join us, we will welcome you with open arms.

Written by Michael Bradley

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